Numerous psychological studies strongly indicate that human beings aren’t rational. Our flock behavior is simply a vigorous genetic fact. Currently, the flock behavior seems to be going mental over words like agile, simplicity, game-changers and market disruption, words that are often used in tech companies of today.

We’re definitely not questioning the significance of these words. Of course not, quite the opposite. But maybe, just maybe, we’re using these words a bit too much? And maybe, just maybe we’re currently flocking irrationally around these companies, inflating on these words? Now, what’s the potential consequence of this behaviour, except the obvious risk of creating financial bubbles?

The risk is simply that we forget about the fabulous, fast-growing, brave and profitable start-ups and SME’s that are not selling the disruption story. Yet they are successfully selling their products and services…and customers love them. They’ve managed to create their own cash flow, paying wages, taxes and making investments in future growth.

We salute you! And we do believe that you get far too little credit in media and far too little attention from investors. But who knows, maybe a small tech bubble will burst soon and the flock behaviour will suddenly change direction in your favor.