This mini-post is a tribute to Diwo, one of our fast growing companies at MCCS Group. The company’s growth pace is truly interesting and inspiring. For instance, only last week Diwo hired no less than seven people, all in one(!) week.

We reached out to the CEO, Gustav Molnar, to get some further insights on the success drivers behind this rapid growth.

I believe that a company’s external communication must correctly reflect internal values and culture. Nowadays, too many companies are trying to “dress up the bride” in a fashion far from the internal state of affairs. We’ve managed to build an inspiring and stringent corporate culture at this firm that has a vast impact on everything we do. Our customers acknowledge and appreciate this and it’s an important corner stone in creating great customer experiences. I think that this is one of the main reasons why we attract great people to work for us and that we get the opportunity to work on such interesting and challenging projects. However, this is old news really, if we look at companies such as Netlight they’ve been driving such cultural behavior successfully for years now.

Want to read more about Diwo’s culture? Have a look at this