Rock star culture

Everyone knows that a company with demotivated and unhappy employees will eventually go down the drain. Short-term, you might be able to hold it together. But ultimately there will be significant spillover-effects on the customers who are not getting what they’re paying for. The customer will find other options and leave.


Market correction bound to happen

Stock markets around the world are plunging. Investors are panicking. Media is going nuts. What’s really going on in China? How bad is it? Show us the numbers!


7 December, 2015

Risk is good!


In numerous mature markets and industries, companies are desperately trying to eliminate risks in all its forms. Even though many risk mitigating actions might be rational or even mandatory, it’s dangerous to take it too far. A strong risk-mitigating focus eventually strangles the culture of innovation. Once that culture disappears, things will gradually go sour. Really sour.