14 November, 2016

Growth and culture!


This mini-post is a tribute to Diwo, one of our fast growing companies at MCCS Group. The company’s growth pace is truly interesting and inspiring. For instance, only last week Diwo hired no less than seven people, all in one(!) week.


14 October, 2016

High-five brave ones!


This Friday we want to post a high-five to the people who…


Business of Software EU 2016

Two of our Partners attended the famous Business of Software 26-27 of May in Dublin Ireland. This conference caught our eye from the first day we haphazardly stumbled upon the conference website. There we first listened to the recorded presentation from a previous conference by Kathy Sierra called “Building the minimum bad ass user” and then directly thereafter, “The job your product is hired to do” by Clayton Christensen.

Both presentations are simply awesome and we recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. Anyway, when we had the opportunity to attend BOS Europe this spring we didn’t hesitate.